I believe the school board should be accessible and accountable to families and the community. Taxpayers and families have a right to access the board, participate in meetings, receive updates, access meeting minutes, and generally know what is occuring in the district. They need to know how their money is being utilized. This is an area the the CVSD board must improve upon and I will work diligently to bring this to fruition if elected.

An increase in communication to the community and families will likely increase their involvement and bond with our distict. This benefits our chilren and community in numerous ways like fundraising, volunteering, and sporting events attendance.


Teachers and staff are the backbone of our schools. Without them, our children do not learn and thrive. They need the board to listen to and support them as valid needs arise. However, they also need to be held accountable to adhere to excellent district and state standards.


CVSD excels at this list. I am running to ensure our district continues to be one of the best in the state for educational standards, mitigate state mandate political ideology, support parental and child rights, communicate with the community and families, and further build upon the pride of the existing CVSD community. We are CV!


Children are our future and should not be pawns in a political agenda environment. They should be guaranteed the basic education they need to succeed in life after graduation.

Children need a supportive learning environment to learn. This means the curriculum is not scary or uncomfortable to them. Various support staff are available. Teachers are patient, caring, and truly desire to teach children. The building, classrooms, and playgrounds are pleasing and comfortable. The appropriate supplies and technology is available. Expectations are well known and adhered to. They need to be free to create, ask questions, engage in discussions, solve problems, and grow. They need to be free from violence.

Children need to learn, but also need to be allowed to be children. Teachers should not be allowed to inflitrate the curriculum with their own personal political opinions. 

Teacher and Staff Support and Accountability

Parents' Rights


Curriculum development and implementation is imperative to ensure high quality education and productive graduates. It has become contentious due to the state curriculum mandates regarding sexual education, critical race theory, and the 1619 project. The board must involve parents, teachers, and the community in curriculum development. The board must work diligently to adhere to the parents', teachers', and community’s desire for how to implement these mandates. 

I believe public education must be accessible and beneficial to all children in the district. The curriculum must be tailored to ensure productive and educated graduates from all backgrounds and belief systems. This means adhering to the basics in education like math, science, physical activity training, history, technology, and language arts. When the state mandates political ideology, it takes away from basic education and is offensive to those with differing belief systems.

Many teachers have also expressed concerns about teaching the state mandated ideology curriculum. It may clash with some teachers' and families’ belief systems forcing them to look at alternatives. The alternatives may be difficult for teachers, families, and students. 

Child Rights

Parents are the most important people in their children’s lives. They should be able to make most decisions regarding what their child is taught, not the government. Basic educational standards and competencies must be met for graduation. Beyond that, it should be the parent’s choice what to teach their child.

Parents should not have to be forced into a situation where sending their child to school violates their values. 

Families need to be able to rely on the public schools to respect their parental rights and beliefs while providing their child with a quality education that will prepare them to be productive citizens. 

This includes not having to mask their children against their desire or vaccinations that are forced/mandated.

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