If you are not on facebook or do not want to join this group but still want to be involved in this movement, then email me or use the contact section to let me know.

August 3: We had a great parent meeting last night. I have the minutes from the meeting I can email them if you want. I need your email address. There is a brief update on the parent page on Facebook. The link is below to join. I am working hard to with the parent group, the board, and my campaign. Please vote for me and I will continue to work for our kids and community.

July 11: Concerned parents in the CVSD have formed a facebook group. This is to unite, strategize, and plan. The group is Central Valley School District Parent's Coalition. I have a link below that will take you to it. Should you want to join, then request to join on the page and answer the questions. The admin will then take it from there.

The page is for those in the CVSD that are concerned with the current policies and curriculum in our district. We are seeking to remove oppressive policies, wanting change from our school leaders, and want our children back in school without restrictions or oppressive curriculum and policies.

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