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While earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Mrs. Orebaugh was my Pediatric Clinical Instructor. Her professionalism, empathy, and commitment to her students highlights her dedication and devotion to the field of nursing and teaching. During the time I was in Mrs. Orebaugh’s clinical group, she was additionally working towards achieving a Master of Science (MSN) in Nurse Education. Her ambition to continue growing as a nurse and teacher emphasizes her desire to continue being a lifelong learner. Mrs. Orebaugh has encouraged and supported me as a student and new nurse over the years. Her dedication to teaching nursing students, support, and encouragement inspired me to pursue an MSN in Nursing Education as well. Mrs. Orebaugh is an exceptional nurse and teacher and will continue to positively impact and change the lives of others.                                                                  ----Sarah RN (previous nursing student)----

Let me remind all that it is criminal to stalk and threaten those that endorse me. Insane the level of evil that is occuring from the opposition. 

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